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Logotipo de Jalea de Luz

Our bees

Our bees are located mainly in the rugged natural landscapes in order
to integrate the apiary within the purest ecosystem possible in each
area, and thus respecting the environment and its natural cycle.

Purity and essence

Our honey, as well as the rest of our products, contains the essence of Nature itself, typical of the peninsular areas where the bees are located, and thus conserving a maximum level of purity reinforced by a meticulous artisanal elaboration process which includes:

Extreme care of the apiary.
Recollection of the raw product in an optimum time.
Slow ripening of the honey.
Artisanal packaging without homogenizing.

This way, the product gets in pure state to the table, without neither alteration nor transformation, and containing all the qualities of a pure honey.

Transhumance and ecology

We apply the ancestral method of transhumance in order to collect the purest and most authentic honeys of each region.

We transfer our apiaries to different natural locations according to a thermal gradient which affects the flora of bee-keeping interest; this way, our bees harvest the best nectar and pollen of each area and season with two main purposes:
Strengthening the swarms´ inhabitants (bees).
Producing a unique and exquisite honey..

Solidary bees

Once the maximum amount of pure honey is harvested, we transfer it to our facilities in order to carry out the methodological extraction and ripening process, and  artisanal packaging..

The final labelling/packaging process is performed by users with intellectual and development disabilities from the “CARMEN FDEZ. FOUNDATION”, providing our product with the special care that the bees have already initiated in the swarm during the productive process.

In addition, at Jalea de Luz we have established a social and/or mercantile partnership framework with the artisanal food and environmental industry with the following entities:

Asociación para la integración medioambiental y sociocultural de pesonas con dificultad social Artesania Alimentaria de Aragón Cedes fundación Con Suma naturalidad Los pueyos Mercado Social Aragón Seo Bird Life Solidar