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At Jalea de Luz we believe in honey and its derivative as extraordinarily beneficial products, thanks to its innumerable natural qualities, and therefore in addition to our TRADITIONAL HONEYS and DELIGHTS WITH HONEY, Jalea de Luz distributes other products proceeding from the hives in a pure way or as a base for the production of natural and organic APIARY AND API-COSMETIC products developed with the best of careful compositions.

Enjoy the essence of Monegros and other singular natural landscapes through the products of Jalea de Luz.

Wax ingot 100 g
Pure pollen 230 g
Propolis 100 g
Virgin bee wax candles
Pure honeycomb


Wax ingot for Cosmetics

Wax ingot 100 g

Origin: SPAIN
Ingots made with 100% virgin artisanal operculum wax.

Especially recommended for the manufacturing of natural products such as: sun lotions, ointments, lip balms, waxing lotions, shampoos, facial creams and masks, soaps, mouth, etc.

SUGGESTION: Ideal for elaborating a hydrating cream that you can make yourself with only 3 ingredients: water, natural oils and pure bee wax operculum.

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Pure Pollen of Jalea de Luz

Pure Pollen 230 g

Origin: SPAIN. Surroundings of the Limia River (Galicia).

Pure pollen is a magnificent food supplement that contains, among other, vitamins B, C, E, and antioxidants.

Originated by symbiosis between plant species of the multi-colored Orense banks of Limia and the wild surrounding grove, one of the purest and most extraordinary beehive products in the peninsula is born.

SUGGESTION: Use it as a natural dressing for salads, vegetable creams, yogurts, cold dishes, tropical pizza and your success is guaranteed!

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Propolis Jalea de Luz

Propolis 100 g

Origin: SPAIN. The Cucalón Mountain Range.
Main floral composition: Kermes oak, heather, thyme and varied wild autochthonous flora.

A resinous raw polymer elaborated by the bees and used to seal the interior of their cells and strengthen the hive walls. Derived from natural areas of the surroundings of the Cucalón Mountain Range, in the south of Aragón.
SUGGESTION: You can prepare some tasty and balsamic honey and propolis candies with very basic ingredients: 40 ml of filtered water, 100 gr of brown sugar, 30 gr of eucalyptus honey, 1 teaspoon of propolis extract and 10 drops of essential lemon oils.

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Virgin bee wax candles. Jalea de Luz

Virgin bee wax candles

Operculum virgin wax candles
Origin: SPAIN.

Our candles hold excellent virtues that make them stand out comparing to the conventional indusrial ones manufactured on artifical paraphyne basis, with:
Less fumes emission
Longer durability
Better flame and combustion
Pleasant natural wax aroma
SUGGESTION: In order to scent a room, light a virgin bee wax candle until a depression is formed along the wick, adding some drops of essential oil (at your own taste) and stirring slowly with a stick until it is homogenous. Soon an intense and harmonious aroma will surprise you.

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Pure honeycomb. Jalea de Luz

Pure honeycomb

Origin: SPAIN. Various landscapes of Aragón

Pieces of honeycomb as obtained from the hive introduced in jars of 300 g approximately. It is advised to chew slowly a piece of honeycomb in order to extract little by little the honey directly and thus obtain all its qualities. If desired, discharge the remaining wax pieces.

SUGGESTION: Place a piece of pure honeycomb in the refrigerator until it is cold, previously applying a few drops of cocoa and cinnamon diluted in oat milk on the cells and chew slowly the artisanal waffle.

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