Who We Are

JALEA DE LUZ, S.L., is a young family-run business that is committed to the sustainability of the natural habitat and the socio-occupational integration of people with intellectual and / or developmental disabilities.

The team

JALEA DE LUZ, S.L., is made up of a human team with a high level of technical training and long experience in the agricultural, stockbreeding, landscaping, and environmental sectors since 1998, in teaching as well as in designing and implementing projects.

  • Fernando Escanilla: Administration / Purchasing / Commercial / Budgets and projects.
  • José Ignacio Gimeno: Technical / Honey production / Swarm-breeding / Managing gardening work done by disabled staff.
  • Miguel P. Escanilla: Honey production, packaging, and handling / Gardening maintenance / Logistics.

What we do

We have a number of lines of work:

    • In various parts of mainland Spain, producing traditional PURE HONEY and its derivatives (propolis, pollen, candles, wax, honeycombs, etc.), packaging, and sales.
    • Producing and distributing products for organic apitherapy and apicosmetics.
    • Distributing products cultivated following a sustainable model (citrus fruits, pomegranates, and persimmons grown using integrated pest management, nuts produced traditionally, etc.).
    • Distributing ecological fair-trade products.
  • INTEGRATED GARDENING: We design and build SUSTAINABLE XERIC GARDENS that have low water consumption and require minimum care. We carry out tailor-made MAINTENANCE, adapting to all types of situations and ideas.
  • LIVING NATURE: We develop and implement projects involving the conservation of nature areas, the rehabilitation of emblematic rural enclaves, building hiking trails, etc.
  • TOURISM and LEISURE in MONEGROS: We organise activities and guided tours for groups, individuals, school groups, etc., in the heart of the MONEGROS DESERT, including therapy activities, workshops, tasting sessions, natural trails, etc., based on complete respect for the environment.
  • “LIVING NATURE AND SPORT” SPORTING EVENTS: We co-ordinate sporting activities that are especially attractive for personal development in the heart of this magnificent desert habitat (running, mountain-biking, trekking, etc.)

Where we are

JALEA DE LUZ, S.L., is in the marvellous, friendly town of MONEGRILLO, right in the heart of the MONEGROS DESERT in Aragon (Spain), a habitat with steppe features that is unique in Europe and that is especially attractive due to its native biodiversity.