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Logotipo de Jalea de Luz

About us

Jalea de Luz is a family enterprise committed to natural environment sustainability and labor integration of people with intellectual disabilities and/or social adaptation difficulties.

We are a company dedicated to the production, packaging, management and commercialization of gourmet food and natural cosmetics, carrying out other nature-related services as well.

We are a team with an extensive technical training as well as an extensive experience in the agriculture-livestock, environmental and landscape environments; we provide care, passion and professionality in all our facets, supporting pure and authentics products and thus achieve maximum quality and excellence.

Jalea de Luz elbow-to-elbow

We work elbow-to-elbow with a solid beekeepers and agriculturists group similar to our rational artisanal production method, based on the selection of natural landscapes propitious and the thorough selection of the optimal harvesting time.
We are in permanent contact with all of them, valuing jointly new production alternatives and quality improvement, taking the relationship farther than the strictly business one.
Jalea de Luz´s mission is to work as a team leading to a human as well as professional evolution.

Our honeys, Natural cosmetics and much more

Natural - Artisanal - Sustainable - Pure

Since 1998 we have dedicated ourselves to the production of pure non-homogenized honey.

We develop the entire process in an artisanal way, from looking after the apiaries, recollecting the product and packaging, to the final commercialization.
Our honeys and derivatives derive from diverse natural Spanish landscapes with environment wealth, thus comprising a wide range of varietal supreme quality worthy of the most select and demanding palates.
The bees collect the best flowers in order to relocate the essence of nature at the final product, whether it is honey, derivatives or natural cosmetics.


Selection, bee-keeping and swarms sale

At Jalea de Luz we offer select swarms, beehives and specific bee-related auxiliary material.

We concentrate our efforts on the swarms, genetic improvement, productive behavior study of the bee and hygiene guarantee of the apiary, focusing especially on the empowerment of pathogens resistance.

As a result of the important issue existing in Europe in the bee-keeping phase due to extreme climates, Jalea de Luz offers the European customer all that is needed for a proper apiary evolution, from personalized technical consultation to the direct sale of the swarms.


Jalea de Luz supports a sustainable tourism based on respect for the environment.
We promote and run guided tours for the familiarization of the extraordinary cultural and landscape values of the Monegros Desert, a territory holding one of the most peculiar and rich ecosystems in Europe. We also hold bee-keeping workshops in which we introduce the importance of the bee in our planet, the treasures it produces and the benefits it grants.

We organize sports events “NATURALEZA VIVA, SPORT AND HEALTH” (Running, Trekking, Mountain Bike, etc.).
We carry out the design and construction of sustainable xerogardening characterized by a low consumption of water and minimal maintenance, as well as complete gardening works tailored to the needs of each customer.