Oak Honey with Saffron 250 gr


OAK HONEY WITH SAFFRON SOURCE: Spain and other areas of the Iberian Peninsula,
FLORAL COMPOSITION MAJORITY: Oak (Quercus L.), Heather (varieties of Erica sp.), Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) and wild Flora, varied native more Saffron cream of the Jiloca (Crocus sativus).
PRODUCTION TIME: End of summer and autumn.
COLOUR: dark Brown, almost mahogany black to ocher-brownish tinged with shades of reddish – orange.
FLAVOUR: Sweet, intense and persistent with shades slightly bitter.
AROMA: Strong, compact, nice and asilvestrado.
PECULIARITIES: raw Honey, pure, non-homogenized, unfiltered, without added sugars.
CONSERVATION: Keep in dry, dark and cool.
** In its natural process, the honey crystallizes and hardens in function of various parameters (temperature, floral origin, etc…).

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Miel de Carrasca con Azafrán 250 gr
Oak Honey with Saffron 250 gr


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