Orange blossom Honey with Poppy Seeds 250 gr


Amber honey amber from citrus residents in the vicinity of Sòl de Riu. Mix with poppy seeds makes them stand out excellent organoleptic qualities.
REPRESENTATIVE SPECIES: Orange tree (Citrus x sinensis)
FLORAL COMPOSITION MAJORITY: Orange (Citrus x sinensis), Mandarin (Citrus x reticulata), wild Flora varied native and poppy seeds.
SOURCE: of Spain and other areas of the Iberian Peninsula.
PRODUCTION TIME: Spring early.
COLOR: Amber clear, almost translucent to amber latescente.
FLAVOUR: Markedly sweet and mild with spontaneous notes aciduladas.
AROMA: Intensely scented and persistent.
PARAMETERS: Raw Honey , pure, non-homogenized, unfiltered, without added sugars.
CONSERVATION: Keep in dry, dark and cool.
** In its natural process, the honey crystallizes and hardens in function of various parameters (temperature, floral origin, etc..).

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Miel de Azahar con semillas de Amapola 250 gr
Orange blossom Honey with Poppy Seeds 250 gr


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