Jalea de Luz S. L. is our business dream come true through its foundation in 2007 (José Ignacio Gimeno and Fernando Escanilla), after many years of professional experience as agricultural engineers in the beekeeping, environmental, landscape, food and social sector (since 1998).

With this, we decided to open a new path in which fundamental values prevail that we believe are indispensable both at work and personal level: professionalism, passion, ethics, service, social commitment and respect for our natural environment.

We started the activity by specializing in the production, packaging and direct marketing of non-homogenized Aragonese pure honeys, progressively consolidating our brand Jalea de Luz based on a continuous transmission to the final customer of the extraordinary values of our natural products through continuous actions, such as tastings, attendance at national and international fairs, guided visits to our Monegros apricots, talks to schoolchildren, etc..

We place most of our apiaries in wild natural places in order to integrate them into the purest ecosystem possible in each area, thus respecting the environment and its natural cycle. In this way, our honey as the other products, contains the essence of nature itself, typical of the peninsular areas where bees are located, thus preserving a degree of maximum purity reaffirmed by a meticulous process of artisanal processing which comprises:

* Careful care of hives.
* Raw product collection at the optimum time.
* Slow maturation of honey.
* Artisanal packaging without homogenization.

In this way, we get the product to reach its table in its pure form, without any alteration or transformation, thus containing all the benefits of a healthy honey.

We apply the ancestral method of transhumance to collect the purest and most authentic honeys of each region, moving our apricots to different natural sites according to a thermal gradient that affects the flowering of beekeeping interest; thus, our bees harvest the best nectar and pollen of each area and time for two fundamental purposes:

· Strengthen the inhabitants of the hive (bees).
· Produce unique and exquisite honeys and derivatives.

Once the maximum amount of pure honey has been harvested, we transfer it to our facilities to carry out the methodical process of extraction, maturation and handmade packaging. The final labeling / packaging process is carried out by users with intellectual disabilities and the development of the “Carmen Fdez Foundation. Cespedes”, giving our product that special affection that bees already started in the hive during the production process.

We focus our line of work on the realization of the entire process in an artisanal way, from the care of the hives, collection of the product and packaging, to the final marketing.

We strive very hard to obtain honeys and derivatives from various natural sites in the Iberian Peninsula with a great environmental wealth, to achieve a wide variety of supreme quality worthy of the most select and demanding palates.

To do this, our friends bees collect the best flower pollens and nectar, as well as resinous arboreal-shrubby substances to transfer the essence of nature to the final product, be it honey, derivatives or natural cosmetics.

Given our social sensitivity, especially with the intellectual disability sector and with the sustainability of the environment around us, we decided out of firm conviction to collaborate permanently with several entities of the aforementioned sectors; Cedes Foundation, Pueyo Virgin Foundation, Mescoop Aragon, Seo/Birdlife,.., receiving several awards as solidarity company (Estrella SOLIDAR), socially responsible company (RSA seal), food artisan company (Aragon food artisans seal), ACENE BIO certificate in our natural cosmetic products, etc..

After the wide acceptance of the market, we decided to expand the range of bee products working directly with a stable group of beekeepers and traditional farmers located in various areas of the iberian peninsula related to our mode of craft production rational, based on the selection of natural areas suitable and careful choice of the optimal time of harvest.

We maintain a close link with all of them, jointly valuing new alternatives for production and quality improvement, taking the relationship to a level beyond the merely labor, betting on teamwork that leads to a human and professional evolution at the same time.

Based on effort and passion for our work and betting on the production of pure, authentic and healthy products, we achieve the highest quality and excellence, maintaining a stable production of a range of more than twenty different varieties of pure honeydew and beekeeping derivatives (pollen, pure propolis, Virgin wax candles, etc…), which every year is increasing based on a rigorous selection process.

In the year 2017 we started a new line of creation for a special range of products derived from the apiaries, based primarily on this elixir of life that is the propolis pure, both in food as well as natural cosmetic BIO, to achieve a total of thirteen exceptional products (creams, ointments, extracts, tinctures, candies, gels, shampoos, toothpastes, stick, lip glosses, soaps,…).

In 2018 we presented a new study for the creation of a “technological center of Multi-Packaging agrifood” in the steppe of Monegros, in order to meet the continuous demand of established distribution channels (opening the field of action to New Bio Cosmetics and food products of gourmet quality) and enhance the Labor development in this disadvantaged rural area, getting the acceptance and support of the Regional Development Center

Currently we are immersed in a process of progressive commercial expansion to publicize the extraordinary natural values of our cosmetic and food products, both nationally and internationally, opening our doors to possible collaborations with new distributors, establishments, etc… who wish to support our project and be part of the family jelly of light.

Thank you to all those who support us from the different sectors of our environment and who have helped us to travel this hard path from our beginnings until now, hoping wholeheartedly remain an essential part of this great project vital and labor that is jelly of light.

From Jalea De Luz we promote sustainable tourism based on respect for the environment.

To this end and to promote the cultural and natural values of the environment that hosts the JALEA DE LUZ project, we promote and manage different innovative actions:

We conduct guided tours to learn about the extraordinary cultural and landscape values of the Monegros steppe, a territory that has one of the most peculiar and rich ecosystems in Europe.
We run beekeeping workshops, in which we make known the importance of the bee in the life of the planet, the treasures it produces and its benefits
We organize sustainable sports events “Living Nature, Sport and Health” (Running, Trekking, Mountain Bike,..).
We carry out the design and construction of sustainable xerojardines characterized by low water consumption and minimal maintenance, as well as integral gardening work on demand adapting to the needs of each customer.