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In Jalea de Luz we believe in honey and its derivatives as extraordinarily beneficial products, thanks to its countless natural qualities, so in addition to our traditional honeys and delicacies, Jalea de Luz distributes other products from the hive in a pure way or as a basis for the production of products of natural and ecological apitherapy and APICOSMETICS developed with the most careful compositions.

Enjoy the essence of Monegros and other unique natural sites through Jalea de Luz products.

Mild honeydew: Lucerne, orange blossom, lemon and Rosemary.

Medium-flavored honeys: Savory, Dandelion, Flora Montana, Sunflower, Lavender, Retama, thyme and Blackberry.

Honey with an intense flavour: Heather, Carrasca, Chestnut, eucalyptus, forest Flora, Mountain Flora, Strawberry Tree and Oak.