Pure honey, craft production

In our work philosophy, the essence of the origin of our products takes precedence, for which we place most of our apiaries in unique places whose common denominator is the purity of the environment (natural parks, protected areas, etc.)..), where we harvest more than twenty different varieties of honeys of the highest quality.

Pure honey
Pure bee honey that comes to your table with all the qualities intact, without any alteration, transformation or mixture.

Handmade honey
We carry out the whole process in an artisanal way. Care of aprons, product collection and packaging.

Sustainable honey
We move our apricots to different sustainable areas to obtain the best flowers of each season and area.

In Jalea de Luz we offer the most select palates a honey of unparalleled quality, performing the entire process of making it:
Take care of the hives..
Collection of the raw product.
Handmade packaging in the mieleria (located in the town of Monegrillo).
Direct marketing to final customer.
In this way, the product reaches its pure table, without any alteration or transformation.