Our bees are mostly located in wild natural areas
in order to integrate the hive
within the purest possible ecosystem of each zone,
thus respecting the environment and its natural cycle.


Our honey, like the rest of our products, contains the essence of nature itself, typical of the peninsular areas where bees are located, thus preserving a degree of maximum purity reaffirmed by a meticulous process of artisanal processing which comprises:

Careful care of the hives.
Raw product collection at the optimum time.
Slow maturation of honey.
Handmade packaging without homogenization.

In this way, the product comes in its pure form to its table, without any alteration or transformation, thus containing all the qualities of a pure honey.


We apply the ancient method of transhumance to collect the purest and most authentic honeys of each region.

We move our hives to different natural sites according to a thermal gradient that affects the flowering of beekeeping interest; in this way, our bees harvest the best nectar and pollen in each area and time for two fundamental purposes:

Strengthen the inhabitants of the hive (bees).
Produce a unique and exquisite honey.


Once the maximum amount of pure honey has been harvested, we transfer it to our facilities to carry out the methodical process of extraction, maturation and handmade packaging.

The final labeling / packaging process is carried out by users with intellectual disabilities and the development of the “FUNDACIÓN CARMEN FDEZ CÉSPEDES”, giving our product that special affection that bees already started in the hive during the production process.

In addition, from Jalea De Luz we have established a framework of social and/or commercial collaboration in the artisanal and environmental food sector with the following entities: