Natural raw honeys

Jalea de Luz - Mieles crudas 100% naturales

Most of the honeys offered in the markets are subjected to industrial boiling or pasteurization processes that negatively affect the final quality of the honey, because the high temperatures that are applied in these processes affect that the honey loses an important part of its natural properties and active principles.

Natural honey does not need to be pasteurized, because of its antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

On the other hand, different types of honeys are usually mixed in a homogenization process, so their natural purity is lost.

Our natural and 100% pure raw honeys
At Jalea de Luz we produce raw honey, which is not subjected to pasteurization processes, nor is it filtered industrially.

We also do not mix different types of honeys, with the aim of obtaining pure and 100% natural honeys, so that they arrive at your table in a pure state, with all their natural properties intact and without any type of alteration, transformation, or mixing.

A demanding quality control of the product begins by locating our apiaries in natural places in order to integrate them into the purest possible ecosystem of each area, thus respecting the environment and its natural cycle.

We move our apiaries to different sustainable areas to obtain the best flowers of each season and area, harvesting more than twenty different varieties of honeys of the highest quality

Our 100% pure raw honeys contain the essence of nature itself, preserving a degree of maximum purity reaffirmed by a meticulous artisan production process which includes:
Thorough care of apiaries
Collection of the raw product at the optimal time.
Leisurely maturation of honey.
Handmade packaging without homogenizing.

We strive to obtain honeys from various natural landscapes of the Iberian peninsula possessing a great environmental wealth, to achieve a wide varietal range of supreme quality for the most demanding palates.

We can assure you that with our 100% natural raw honeys, you will get all the benefits of the healthiest honey.

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