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lemon honey

Origin : Spain and other areas of the Iberian Peninsula.
Representative species: Lemon Tree (Citrus X lemon).
Main floral composition: Lemon Tree (Citrus X lemon) and varied native wild Flora.
Production time: early spring.
Color: from semitransparent yellows when fluid to Nivea when solidifying.
Taste: sweet and soft with spontaneous acidulous notes.
Aroma: intensely scented and persistent.
Peculiarities: raw honey, pure, healthy, not homogenized, not filtered, without added sugars.
Conservation: keep in a dry, semi-dark and cool place.
** In its natural process, honey crystallizes and hardens according to various parameters (temperature, floral origin, etc..).

Characteristics of lemon honey

Exquisite honey made by bees during the spring season, it has a spectacular amber color with varying tones (from semi-transparent yellows when it is fluid to solidify Nivea). Rich in Vit. C, enjoys a delicate aroma intensely floral and persistent in the retronasal, accompanied by an extraordinary sweet taste with slightly acidic notes. Degree of medium crystallization.

Lemon honey Excellencies

This is a high quality lemon honey that has unmatched qualities:
  • pure: it is produced by bees, releasing nectar and pollen from flowers, and then processing and storing it in the hive honeycombs, not intervening factors other than those that nature itself provides.
  • Raw: it has not been subjected to heating processes (more than 40 degrees) or pasteurization so it keeps intact all its taste and olfactory qualities, vitamins, nutrients and enzymes.
  • not filtered: our honey is never filtered because we want to preserve all the properties of its natural origin.
  • not homogenized :we never mix honeydew from different geographical or floral sources because our permanent goal is, to maintain the essence and purity from the place of origin, to the palate of the final consumer, so that you can obtain all the benefits for your organism.
  • no added sugars: our honey is what it is, just as the bee produces it in the hive, being the healthy sugars that it has, those of a pure honey.

Usage tips

To preserve all the benefits that lemon honey can bring us, it is advisable to ingest it directly, tasting it inside the mouth as long as possible. To make it more manipulable in those cases that are preferred diluted, it is recommended at most, warm the "bain-marie" to temperature that never exceeds 40 degrees to maintain its qualities to the maximum.

Conservation tips

Keep dry, semi-dark and cool to keep all its properties intact in a natural way.

Lemon Honey where does it come from?

This exquisite natural honey handmade lemon, produced by bees as a result of libation to extract nectar and pollen from the flowers mainly lemon (Citrus X limon) and varied native wild flora that coexists in the natural environment.

It is a usually thorny and branched evergreen. It has alternate greenish coriaceous leaves and flowers " of Orange Blossom whose ovary will produce a fruit composed of multiple segments.

Typical species of coastal climates with stable temperatures and pleasant winters, can be affected by recurrent frosts, liking sandy soils-siliceous frequent irrigations without reaching the point of saturation.

Lemon Honey, etymology and history

Coming mainly from Southeast Asia (also present in India and annexed areas), it was cited in the Nabathae Agriculture Treaty (III-IV century). It acquired great expansion in the West as a result of the Muslim conquest of the Iberian Peninsula, then being cultivated throughout the Mediterranean coast.

"Nimbuka" in sanscrito, to then be exported said fruit by the Persians with the name of “limu “and in turn, with the Arab conquest of Persia, it happens to be called” laymun“, and later from the Iberian Peninsula, reaching the old Castilian as”lemon".

Healthy recipes with lemon honey

Infusion for the whole season
Mix a tablespoon of pure natural lemon honey with one lemon juice. Meanwhile, prepare an infusion of ginger and lemon balm; let warm and add to the mixture stirring the whole until dissolved. Eat tempered fasting daily with a dose of pure royal jelly and we already have a complete elixir for our body.

They can be used in combination with other pure honeys to enhance their taste and qualitative effect, be rosemary honey, thyme honey, honey thousand flowers, chestnut honey, forest honey, etc..