Propolis Candies


Propolis Candies comes from the mixture in a perfect symbiosis is vital to several 100% natural ingredients among which stands out the Pure Propolis, item esesncial of nature composed of a resinous amalgam of tiznes dark obtained by the bees from buds of trees and exudates of sap-natural, in order to subsequently process it and use it in the hives, alone or mixed with natural wax, as a sealant general.

Its mission is to strengthen the structural stability of the hive, reduce vibrations and to defend it from pathogens or other external aggressors. If an enemy of the hive is introduced inside, the bees will sacrifice and embalsaman immediately with propolis to help their conservation. He is accompanied by other ingredients which are not less important as the essential oil of lemon, citric acid, stevia, ….

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